Goals For The Blog

Robust Retirement is designed to inform and enrich your retirement years.  I want to help you think objectively about your own goals, retirement lifestyle choices and seniors housing and care alternatives, and to make well-informed decisions about your retirement options.

I studied seniors housing and care for over 25 years as an equity research analyst, investment banker and market and financial consultant and throughout my professional career also informally advised family and friends on retirement, seniors housing and care.

In advising friends and colleagues about housing and care alternatives for their parents and in talking with friends about their own thinking about retirement choices, I find far too many let their fear of aging, the status and prestige they may derive from their career, stereotypes about what one is or is not to do in retirement and preconceived notions about seniors housing and care alternatives push them into bad choices, making their retirement much less enjoyable than it could be.

As I started researching my own retirement I found an information gap on the web between (1) many commercial websites and blogs offering information and advice primary for the purpose of selling a product, service or organization and (2) personal retirement blogs that may provide helpful information but are primarily designed to document the bloggers own retirement experiences rather than be an objective source of information or advice.

Robust Retirement is intended to provide practical, non-commercial information and advice that does not solely rely on my own personal experiences.   The information and advice on Robust Retirement draws on the industry knowledge and research skills I developed as an award-winning stock analyst following senior housing, home health, skilled nursing and healthcare real estate companies (see my bio on The Blogger page). The site blends my personal views with information from public sources, industry research and professional meetings, interviews with consumers and industry professionals, and comments from readers.

While primarily focused on advice for consumers, I also occasionally use the blog to comment on senior housing and care and healthcare real estate industry issues.

Reading this blog will not guarantee you a robust retirement but it should help you make better decisions increasing the chances you will maximize the opportunities available to you.